Getting in the Zone with Huxleys Energy

We all want more ENERGY. Life is full of so many exciting opportunities and who doesn’t want a piece of them all? Huxleys gets you a little closer to fulfilling the goals you’re daydreaming about with our unique blend of cannabinoids and our proprietary terpene formula with THCV.

Folks love how Huxley’s edibles and gel caps help them excel in their workouts, sustain ENERGY for those they love, and battle low-energy days with a renewed focus to finish strong.

THCV Naturally Brings Out Your Flow State

Nerd out with us on how it makes that happen.

Sativa-dominant strains, characterized by their uplifting and stimulating effects, are particularly renowned for their potential to enhance focus and endurance. These strains are where THCV is found to be most prevalent. When consumed responsibly and in moderation, Huxley’s ENERGY with THCV can serve as a pre-workout supplement, providing the necessary drive to crush your fitness goals. 

THCV is one of over a hundred cannabinoids, though we typically find it in smaller quantities compared to THC or CBD. What sets THCV apart is its unique properties, including its potential to act as a stimulant without giving you the munchies.

Unlike the cannabinoids more typically associated with a relaxing chill, THCV has been reported to light a fire that’ll get you up and at it. Research is showing that THCV may interact with the brain’s CB1 receptors, producing a different effect than what we associate with THC. Namely, that alert, focused, and energized vibe we’re going for when we want to make some moves.

Cannabis and Fitness are a Synergistic Duo

While Huxley’s ENERGY emboldens you with maintained motivation, our dynamic blend can also leverage post-workout benefits. Cannabis possesses anti-inflammatory properties that aid in muscle recovery and alleviate post-exercise soreness. THCV might also help alleviate fatigue.

To further encourage muscle recovery, we recommend following up with one of our CBD-forward blends, like SEX, and SLEEP.  CBD has garnered attention for its potential to reduce inflammation and promote faster recovery, allowing fitness enthusiasts to bounce back quicker and stay consistent with their workouts.

THCV Actually Reduces Appetite

Another intriguing aspect of THCV is its potential as a slight appetite suppressant. While some cannabinoids are notorious for making the munchies disappear, THCV appears to have the opposite effect, reducing the urge to eat. This could be beneficial if you aren’t the type who ends your workout cheers-ing your buddies with reward burritos.

THCV Keeps You Going and Fosters Balanced Focus

Whether you’re headed to the gym, a yoga class, hitting the books, or just want to tap into that stamina, Huxleys ENERGY could provide a natural boost to your energy levels without the crash often associated with caffeine or other stimulants.

Integrating ENERGY into your routine promotes alertness and focus, helping you maintain intensity and concentration. It escorts you into the zone so you can cross off your to-do list, dive into your practice, or keep up with your kids.

THCV and Tapping In

Cannabis helps cut through the thoughts that swirl around us, providing a smoother path to our center, where we can exhale into our truth. We love those inspiration points that get us excited to flush out an idea and tap into our creativity. 

So while THCV is most commonly associated with its ability to harness potential in the fitness world, its energizing effects offer a unique approach to enhancing performance that supports your wellness and life goals. 

Tap into your excellence today with Huxley’s ENERGY.



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